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Sunday, 16 August 2020 22:57

A Few Words About Me

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My name is Iva Besheva and I`d like to think of myself as one of the lucky ones wandering around the planet. I feel lucky because I do what I have always aspired to do – I teach English. To become a language teacher was a conscious choice, one that I have never regretted. I see it as my vocation and I completely agree with B. Franklin that “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest”.

I have been teaching officially since 1999, which is the year I was accepted in the university. Teaching while actually learning how to teach has given me the unique opportunity to try theory in practice and see what works and what not. Consequently, I became a proud holder of a BA degree in “Primary Education and English Language” issued by the most prestigious university in Bulgaria. With a soft spot for psychology and critical thinking I have carried out research based on the principles of Edward de Bono, analyzed and successfully presented a dissertation on the topic of “Developing Critical Thinking Skills At Elementary School Ages”.

As part of my career in a renowned Bulgarian language school I have been teaching English language, lifestyle and culture to groups consisting of approximately ten students. I have educated children and adults as well, their level of knowledge varying   from starter to proficiency. All the students in a group were at close age but with different learning abilities which required the use of different methods and approaches, matching the special necessities of the learners within the group. Apart from general English I have been teaching Business English individually and to the management staff in one of the most popular Bulgarian TV Channels. I have been trusted to lead courses of different intensity – from the academic training (all round the school year) to the super –intensive language courses (providing 5 classes per day per group).I had the privilege to prepare the school’s young learners for the “Movers” exam (Cambridge ESOL) and I am proud to report that they have all passed successfully. In need of self-improvement I keep attending a number of workshops, seminars, conferences and online courses, most of which on creative teaching and changing methodology.

For three consecutive years I have worked as an invigilator for British Council Bulgaria, providing services at the exam sessions for First Certificate of English (FCE), Certificate of Advanced English (CAE), as well as Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE). Periodically, I was responsible for organizing the thorough execution of the exam in a classroom. This experience has taught me to be meticulous, resourceful, initiative, conscientious and results oriented.

For a short period of time (just before I moved to live in Greece) I was part of the Sofia-located staff of “The Crown Agents for Oversea Governments and Administrations Limited”.

As an expert of international programmes and projects under the Bulgarian Financial Administration Modernization Programme most of my responsibilities included: undertaking a range of tasks in support of the foreign staff; providing translation and interpretation services to and from English; drawing up of reports, maintenance of office records and files, dealing professionally with telephone, fax and e-mail inquiries, handling the financial aspects and preparing cash reports);diary management; providing administrative support to CA staff visiting the office on short-term missions; providing administrative and logistical support.

It is my strong conviction that in the fast-paced world we live in a university degree is far from enough and I have made a commitment to keeping up-to-date with all the developments in the field.

My excellent command of three languages (English, Bulgarian and Greek), my passion for reading books and the level of my intercultural intelligence have greatly contributed to the person I have become today and I strive to pass this knowledge and awareness on to all my students.

I am currently teaching English and Bulgarian language, lifestyle and culture to small groups and individual students from starter to proficiency levels in Greece and successfully preparing them for sitting ECCE, ECPE, FCE, CPE, ABLE, TIE and LRN exams.